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It's time to blow out the cobwebs and get back riding. It'll most likely have been a while and those bad habits will most certainly have crept back into your riding.

All the gym training isn't going to prepare you for being on a board. Your body needs to sense those key movements to feel strong and able to handle your future holidays. 

UK Flatland Coaching

Flatland Freestyle


From £69 excl pass

Flatland is about building strong freestyle, agility and balance movements patterns on a board. Some of these movements build towards specific tricks in the park, whereas others are just great fun on their own.

There are no set rules. It's about getting into funky positions on your board, maintaining balance and making it look cool.

UK Freestyle Coaching



From £69 excl pass

It's time to get back in the park to prepare for the winter. Start to open up new tricks or make sure you're consistently delivering on the old ones before you head out into the mountains.

These sessions focus around your goals taking the time to build skills through specific drills that directly transfer to park or natural features.

What the riders think...

"I progress super fast when I am working with Mavs and am now confident in park tricks that I thought were intimidating before. Pulling off 180's consistently and riding out in switch is awesome. Park aside, even on flatland there is plenty to learn when you're being coached by Maverix - I always thought that nose rolls were the coolest but I couldn't get the hang of them until I'd had 10 mins of coaching then I was nailing them consistently. You will also un-learn bad habits that you've picked up like skid turning when you're under pressure and should be doing proper turns."

"I have been snowboarding for 10 years and had a few lessons and this was easily the best I have had. James was really non-judgemental and positive about my snowboarding ability. I am not the best and find new things difficult, but James was really encouraging and explained things really well, and gave me some great exercises to do in my own time to warm up and build my muscle memory. I will be booking another session soon!!!"

"James is a great coach! Very nice, patient, and organised. I had 3 private freestyle park sessions and 2 flatland trick sessions this October at Hemel Snow Center and I have learned basic knowledge of shifty, box slide, and grabs (Mute &Method). His flatland coaching session also improved my performance at the park, From straight line 180s on flatland to 180 jumps (almost 360 for the frontside) on a small kicker, from 50-50 on the box to the rail, there is always space for me to progress. There are not only lots of snowboard and mountain knowledge you can learn from Maverix but also lots of fun things to do :) Thanks again and looking forward to the Austria trip too."

These courses are open to all riders at recreational standard, i.e. be able to control speed, confidently link turns & use a poma/button lift/chairlift. We ask that children under the age of 18 years be accompanied by an adult, to enable supervision at all times. 

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