Heli Snowboard Camp in Riksgränsen, Sweden. 7th-14th April 2019

The ultimate arctic adventure for riders looking to step out of bounds and into the wilderness for a true off the grid experience.

The view from Riksgransen

Step off the beaten track

Look no further if you want to tick off those high end experiences that will provide you with memories to last a lifetime. You'll be based 200km north of the Artic Circle in Riksgränsen. It boosts a reputation as a ground breaking venue cemented in the snowboarding history books and is still a hotspot for top level international pros.

Its natural terrain acts as a giant playground littered with side hits, drops, powder banks and stalls. A mecca for riders who like to get creative and blast around the wilderness.  Once you've tasted the pistes you'll want to venture further. With over 200 local peaks and various freeride zones you can easily access a wealth of snow without having to resort to the typical mega Alpine style hikes. It's a Splitboarders paradise. 

Once you've warmed up it will be time for your Heli trips. You'll have a 5 drop hook up with a local heli operation who will take you to the best out of bounds spots. Its like nothing you've experienced before. Adrenaline fuelled riding coupled with jaw dropping views as you buzz around the peaks searching for the best lines. It'll be something you'll never forget. 

In addition to those awesome experiences we have the option to jump on some Ski-Doo's and venture into the wilderness and really see what the backcountry of Sweden has to offer as you learn first hand how to handle these wild machines as you power over frozen lakes and through forests towards more untracked snow.

The resort is truly off the grid. Be prepared for riding in a variety of conditions and mixing with a small number of mountain lovers who enjoy a multitude of snow based adventures. Fun times are guranteed as you live a reality most riders only dream of. 

Package Includes

7 days self catering within a two person shared apartment
6 days ISTD level coaching & guiding
5 heli drops with a choice of 200 local peaks

Flights, transfers, insurance, lift passes and meals are not included.

Extra Information

On-site relaxed and comfortable hotel bar
Single/double beds form part of a shared apartment
Heated boot & board storage within each room
On site equipment hire available
Wifi in all rooms

Bonus ski-doo aventures and other adventures can be organised at an additional cost.

7th - 14th April 2019 - Sold out

Adventure Boarding

The surrounding area of Riksgränsen offers a wealth of splitboarding opportunities without excessive back breaking hikes.

Heli Boarding like a pro

Its a lifetime experience not to be missed. A mindblowing ride to the freshest slopes with your homies and dropping into untouched slopes like a pro.

Exploring beyond the resort

Being on the boarder of Norway we have numerous opportunities to chase the best weather, snow and views.