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Maverix Academy

Interactive online snowsports coaching

The Maverix Academy is about distilling over 20 yrs of coaching experience into a collaborative online learning tool. Instead of looking at how to perform a new snowboard trick or movement online and hoping you can achieve success when you next hit the slopes, why not join the Maverix Academy and work with a personal coach to achieve your goals. You pick the time and place to learn. You share your progression with your coach in the format of a video or photo and he or she will provide detailed feedback to support your development. 

Riders often have end goals in mind, i.e. learn to ride switch or land a 180 etc. The tough part for many riders is they don't know the stepping stones that would make progression quicker and a lot less painful. This is where the Maverix Academy can help. We've developed a series of training programmes around the most popular tricks and movements on a snowboard. You choose your programme and you'll have access to an array of drills that will build the foundations for real long-term progression and make your goals more achieveable. 

Each drill has a detailed written explanation with bespoke video's containing all the essential success checkpoints. Depending on the programme selected you'll also gain access to previous rider feedback videos. This will highlight the most common mistakes and pitfalls, thereby saving you even more time and effort as you learn additonal nuggets from other riders.

As a backup you'll have free access to other riders and coaches through the online forum and a comprehinsive calendar highlighting the opportunities to link up on snow with your local coach.

Academy Programme Options

Members only Forum
and Event Calendar
  • Access to multiple topic areas
  • Members only access
  • Access to UK & European course calendar
Online Piste & Freestyle
  • Upload video online
  • 1 free review per rider
  • Access to highest level
    snowboard coach
  • Members only access
Comprehenisve Training Programme 
£69 per programme
  • Specially selected movements & tricks
  • Proven progression programme to develop skills
  • Full coaching  support
  • Two coach interactions per drill
  • Access to previous rider video feedback
  • Progression tracking
  • Optional txt notifications of feedback
Lite Training
£39 per programme
  • pecially selected movements & tricks
  • Proven progression programme to develop skills
  • Minimal coaching support
  • Two coach interactions per programme