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Backside 360 Trick Tip

The powering up for a backside 360 over a backside 180 can be a struggle for a lot of people. The backside 180 is a mellow move that utilises quite subtle movements of the shoulders combined with a small setup turn to make the spin happen.

With a 360 you use the same setup turn but you have to power up quite a bit more for a 360. This is especially true if you want it to spin on a smaller jump.

What you’ll need to do it pre-wind and unwind at the lip of the kicker with a lot more conviction. This is where people struggle. They end up turning up the jump to get the spin and invariably catch their heel edge on the kicker as they throw themselves around.

They do not use their arms, shoulders and head to help achieve the rotation. You can check out these issues in a previous blog on helping you land a backside 360.

The key element I usually focus on is my back shoulder. As you reach the lip of the jump and un-wind focus on opening up your back shoulder towards the direction of the rotation and making sure your front arm does not hang in front of you. You can see this more clearly in the video below.

In the first section you can see how if I leave my front arm out it blocks the rotation. In the second I bring it in for a cleaner backside 180. Then in the final section I give it some beans and open up my back shoulder as well as tuck in my front arm after the pre-wind. This could be a lot to think about at once, so you can try this off your board or even better get a few jumps on a trampoline, like I’m doing here.

The other thing to remember is keep your shoulders level. The board wants to match up with your shoulder angle. If you leave the jump doing some crazy huck you’ll end up doing an unplanned corked rotation.

Once you get the power level up you’ll start to really enjoy these, especially on bigger jumps. Plus if you can take off your toes and land back on your toes then a backside 540 is a very easy step up.

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