European Riding & Splitboard Kit Lists

General clothing recommendations 
Snowboard socks. 1 pair for every 2 days of riding
Thermal bottoms. 1 for every 2 days of riding
Thermal long sleeve tops. 1 for every 2 days or riding
Neck warmer or facemask
Thermal mid layer. Puffer or technical fleece
Lightweight wind and waterproof gloves for hiking, touring or summer shredding
Cold weather thicker outer layer gloves
Snowboard jacket. Recommended minimum 10k/10k waterproof and breathability rating
Snowboard pants. Recommended minimum 10k/10k waterproof and breathability rating
Swimming shorts. For spa or pool days
Optional cap for hiking or relaxing on piste

General layering is long-sleeve top or long-sleeve thermal, technical mid layer/s then jacket. We may swap out the mid-layer with something less insulating as the winter moves into spring or strip off jacket for hiking or building features. If a lot of snow sticks to your current technical outer layers, you should consider re-waterproofing or purchasing new items.

General equipment recommendations
Helmet. Compulsory for all
Snowboard. Consider the addition of a more freeride board for off-piste focused courses
Bindings with minor spares for repairs
Snowboard boots
Rucksack. Minimum 25L with the ability to carry a snowboard and helmet
Board tool or multi-tool. Compact and safe to carry in a rucksack
Refillable sturdy water bottle. 750ml - 1000ml minimum
Goggles with low light and bright light lens
Portable suncream. Minimum SPF 30. Recommended SPF 50 for hiking/splitboarding
Heavy duty cable ties x4. In case of equipment failures on the mountain
Sunglasses for chilling, hiking and splitboarding
Personal first aid kit. Should be carried in backpack at all times
Wax and other servicing tools for your board
Small rubbish bag for on-hill snacks
Ear plugs, just in case your staying with a noisy friend

Additional equipment for off piste focused courses
A freeride focused board and be prepared adjust your stance for conditions
Handwarmers x2
Helmet holder, or figure out a way to attach helmet onto your backpack whilst hiking
Headtorch with spare batteries. Minimum 300 lumens
Single person bivi, small group shelter or mylar blanket for personal emergencies 
Gaffer tape for equipment repairs. Wrap some around a pole, or shovel handle
Compression straps x4 - 50mm. For equipment compression and equipment issues

Hired or purchased for off-piste focused courses
Avalanche transceiver with ability to flag multiple burials, plus spare batteries
Avalanche probe. Minimum 2.4m
Avalanche shovel with steel or aluminium blade, not plastic
Snowshoes or splitboard
Splitboard with compatible skins and touring bindings
Spares for repairing splitboard bindings
Splitboard crampons to allow for safer travel on icy or steep ascents
Collapsible poles for use with splitboard/snowshoes
Splitboard binding template to allow change of stance 

If hiring in resort, these items should be collected and ready for use for on the first day of riding.

Other items to consider for off piste focused courses
Snowboard softboot crampons in case of icy conditions for splitboard specific courses
Small ice axe for safety and re-assurance on splitboard specific courses

If you have any questions on the equipment or are looking for specific recommendations, please email the team.

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